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The Nancy Be Band has been performing across Ontario since 1992. 
A vast song list highlighting many of the very best tunes from the 60's to date makes the Nancy Be Band a great choice for corporate events as well as for local GTA clubs.

Performing as a Duo, Nancy & talented guitar player and vocalist Sam Rippey cover many of the same great tunes in a smaller acoustic format.

Nancy Be - Lead Vocals

Nancy Be has been rocking the GTA since 1992 with her current band. Powerful vocals, great material, combined with some of Ontario's finest musicians make this a "must see" act.

Malcolm Grose - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Mal 's great vocals and passionate guitar playing adds an additional dimension to a very skilled group of seasoned players in the Nancy Be Band.

Dave Brolley - Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals

Versatility is not Dave's actual middle name, but if he is ever wants to change it....
Dave's ability to switch from guitar to keyboards adds another dimension to the band's play list allowing covers of Kansas, Toto, Boston, and more to be performed with remarkable accuracy. 

Matt Marren - Bass Guitar / Vocals

Matt is the newest member of the Nancy Be Band. Playing seamlessly with drummer Rob Richard, Matt lays down some heavy bass lines and is a driving force behind the band's solid sound. 
Matt also adds an additional vocal line to many of the tunes.

Rob Richard - Drums / Just Drums / More Drums

The one word description for Rob's drumming would have to be "Solid"
Providing the foundation for the band's tempo and driving beats, Rob and Matt work seamlessly together as the rhythm section for the Nancy Be Band.